Age group: 4.5 years to 5.5 years

Time: 9 am to 12 noon

Weekly: 5 days

Duration: 3 hours per day

In addition to age-appropriate activities in Kindergarten, which prepares a child for success in formal school; various other activities are conducted in the areas of language, numbers, general knowledge in a planned manner throughout the program.

Art, music, dramatic play and social interaction help each child explore creatively and build self-esteem. Each new accomplishment fills these kids with pride and the desire to learn more. They realize, "I can do it!" and our kindergarten readiness program makes it easy and exciting for them to learn.Through these activities, children learn the alphabet and letter sounds, numbers and simple math and master early writing skills. Furthermore, each child's development is measured thrice in a year through well designed assessment as part of program.

Preschool children move through developmental ages at differing speeds. Sahasra Kids places children in groups based on social and cognitive readiness. In this way, teachers are able to present material in a way that most precisely meets the specific interests and abilities of each child.

The focus of this program is on enhancing the attention span of the children with a view to accelerate their learning process and prepare them for extensive studies in the future.