Sahasra Kids Zone always concentrates for the development of all children through individual concentration by creating a next home to your child.

We thought to provide a better foundation for your child through our mission "Teach with love" and "Teach through knowledge oriented programs like games".

By targeting a best future of your child we offer a qualitative education compared to other with below facilities.

Learning Sahasra Others
1.Is the learning developmentally appropriate well researched and structured for all age groups?
2.Is the learning interactive through puppet show and story session?
3.Does the curriculum focus on enhancing intellectual skills and also creates emotionally healthy children?
4.Is the curriculum is sync with the developmental milestones of the children that provides an opportunity to explore, discover and enjoy?
5.Does the curriculum provide “hands-on” experiments, direct experiences, as well as stimulating, interesting and pleasurable activities to realize the inner potential in your child?
6.Does the curriculum promote language development by motivating the children to verbalize his/her thoughts and feeling?
7.Does the curriculum enhance creativity and imaginative skills in the child?
Nurturing Sahasra Others
1. Do the funrooms in school have children’s work on display?
2. Is the environment enriching and stimulating?
3. Is the ambience lively, safe and child friendly?
Health and safety Sahasra Others
1. Is a doctor on call available?
2. Is filtered water served to children?
3. Are the caregivers trained in first aid?
4. Are the children trained to maintained personal hygiene?
Assessment/Monitoring Developments Sahasra Others
1. Is there a structured pattern to assess the child’s development?
2. Is there a focus on skill development rather than concept development?
3. Is the child’s progress tracked on a daily basis?
4. Is the child closely monitored and worked upon for developmental delay?
5. Is the assessment system directly linked to the curriculum learning goals?
6. Is there an ongoing assessment system with developmental and learning goals and measurable objectives?
7. Is there an assessment system for documenting children’s learning over time?
8. Does the Pre-school have a procedure for reviewing children’s learning on a regular basis?
9. Does the staff document children’s behavior during activities?
Partnership Sahasra Others
1. Are the parents involved in the teaching learning process along with the child?
2. Are the regular parenting workshops and parent teacher meets?
3. Is the teacher available to you on call or email, when you need to speak to her?
Communication Sahasra Others
1. Is there a weekend letter that provides parents with weekly updates on class activities?
2. Is there a system of sms and email alert for the parents?
3. Is information given through monthly educative newsletters?
4. Are there monthly updates through theme and letters?
5. Is there an interactive website for parent Pre-school communication?